What if I never set up an account?

Email and we will activate your account to pay online

Who do I call if for some reason the lights are not on for my rental?

Lights are set to go on automatically at dusk or 15 minutes prior to your rental time. If the lights have not come on and it is dark, please Email

Do you remove snow from the outdoor fields?

No. We do not remove snow from the outdoor turf fields. Mother nature is in control of this process.

Do you have tents available for use?

No. We do not supple portable field tents. You are welcome to bring your own portable field tents.  If you are considering a larger tent, please reach out to us as a permit from the town maybe required.

Do you have golf carts available?

No. We recommend Vic Gerard for golf cart rentals INFO HERE.

Do you post information about the event we are hosting at the Capelli Sport Complex?

Yes, we will post a brief listing of your event at our location with a link to your website.
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Capelli Sport Complex concession stand offers all your favorites for you day / event at the complex for kids and adults alike.