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Field Availability

Listed are the remaining weekends availble for 2021 through December. This information

is for organizations looking to run a multiple hour/day event. 

Available times are in the blocks. If there is an X in the block-it is not available

If the dates are missing--they are already completely full

To request field availability or a price quote please fill out our field request form HERE

 Field 3Field 4Field 5Field 6
March is booked    
Saturday, April 3, 20218am-8pm8am-8pmXX
Sunday, April 4, 2021<----------------------Easter----------------------->
Saturday, April 10, 20218am-8pm8am-8pmXX
Sunday, April 11, 2021XX10am on2:30pm on
Sunday April 18, 20218am-6pm8am-8pm8am-8pm3pm-8pm
 Field #3Field #4Field #5Field #6
Saturday, July 3, 20218am-8pm8am-8pm8am-8pm8am-8pm
Sunday, July 4, 2021<-----------------------4th of July-------------------------->
Saturday July 24, 20218am-8pm8am-8pmXX
Sunday, July 25, 20218am-8pm8am-8pm8am-8pm8am-8pm
Saturday, August 14, 20218am-8pm8am-8pm8am-8pm8am-8pm
Sunday, August 15, 20218am-10pm8am-10pm8am-10pm8am-10pm
Saturday, August 21, 20218am-8pm8am-8pm8am-8pm8am-8pm
Sunday, August 22, 20218am-10pm8am-10pm8am-10pm8am-10pm
Saturday, August 28, 20218am-8pm8am-8pm8am-8pm8am-8pm
Sunday, August 29, 20218am-10pm8am-10pm8am-10pm8am-10pm


 Field 3Field 4Field 5Field 6
4-Sep7am-8pm7am-8pm7am-8pm7am on
5-Sep7am on7am on7am on7am on
12-Sep7am on7am on7am on7am on
18-Sep7am-8pm7am-8pm7am-8pm7am on
19-Sep7am on7am on7am on7am on
25-Sep7am-8pm7am-8pm7am-8pm7am on
26-Sep7am on7am on7am on7am on
2-Oct7am-8pm7am-8pm7am-8pm7am on
3-OctXX7am on7am on
10-OctXX7am on7am on
16-Oct7am-8pm7am-8pm7am-8pm7am on
17-OctXX7am on 7am on
24-OctXX7am on7am on
30-Oct7am on7am on7am on7am on
31-OctXX7am on7am on
Nov 68am-8pm8am-8pm8am-8pm8am-8pm
Nov 78am-8pm8am-8pm8am-8pm8am-8pm
27-Nov7am on7am on7am on7am on
28-Nov7am on7am on7am on7am on
 Field #3Field #4Field #5Field #6
11-Dec7am on7am on7am on7am on
12-Dec7am on7am on7am on7am on
18-Dec7am on7am on7am on7am on
19-Dec7am on7am on7am on7am on